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Posted on August 28, 2012 at 1:00 PM

Between now and that fateful day in November when the polls open for the election of our next president is the period that I call the Foolish Season. During this time, all logic seems to disappear in favor of fantastic claims that are unsubstantiated by facts, dire prognoses of fiscal calamities should the wrong candidate be selected by the voters, neurotic character assassinations, unrealistic and unattainable promises. 

When we should be listening to rational arguments by the candidates, we are bombarded with slick ads that do little to enlighten the electorate but rely on obfuscation to sway the public. Carefully parsed sentences convey out and out falsehoods as acceptable shades of truths. No matter how one makes a statement, it can only be true or false but not both simultaneously. Partial truths and half truths are just other words for lies.

I long for the day when our presidential elections that are held to fill the most demanding and challenging position in the world are not fueled by campaign funds that exceed the GDP of many countries and allow egregious extremes to convince the average individuals to forego common sense and accept opinions, innuendoes, biases, as defensible facts and truths. 

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