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Oh, The Vicissitudes of Life!

Posted on August 24, 2014 at 5:45 PM

When the human machine runs well, one forgets how incapacitating minor problems can become.

While on a vacation trip to Quebec City, a pedestrian friendly venue but with treacherous cobblestone streets , my wife broke her 5th metatarsal in what in medical circles is called a Jones fracture due to its location. Fortunately, the Chateau Frontenac where we were staying had a doctor on call that made room visits.  As it truned out, he also provided medical services to the Circle Du Soleil that was debuting a new show just down the street form the Hotel.  His advice-get back home for follow-up and treatment! 

Initially my wife's foot was placed in an aircast but after a few weeks, the orthopedist felt that it was not doing the job so a real cast replaced the "boot".  As she cannot place any weight on her foot she has to use a walker.  She soon discovered that her mobility was greatly impeded with her current arrangement. 

What happened next?  I injured my foot while walking in the surf with my grandson.  Thinking that I had suffered only a sprain I did not seek medical attention for a week or so.  When the pain did not abate but got worse, I went to the ER where an xray was taken and a diagnosis pronounced: broken fibula!  What a surprise since I had been walking on this leg all along. Now I am fitted with an aircast and told to see my orthopedist.  When I do manage to get an appointment with my orthopedist 10 days later, he discovered that the ER made a mistake-I have no broken fibula and there is no evidence of such a break on the xray!  But, the ill-fitting aircast has damaged my big toe to the point that I need to take medication.

Both my wife and I are anxiously awaiting when our minor problems disappear and we return to our full functioning states of well-being. 

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