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Thanksgiving Thoughts

Posted on November 26, 2010 at 3:21 PM

Yesterday, we enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving meal at a local restaurant, On The Marsh with our daughter Celeste and her husband Nathaniel.

While partaking of delectable seasonal fare in the comfort of the well appointed restaurant, we watched a stealthy blue heron  as it labored to   satisfy its hunger by searching for small fish and frogs in the narrow tidal stream that borders the property.  Standing in bone chilling waters as the the tide rushed around its stilt-like legs, the impressive bird let nothing distract it while  it peered motionless into the dark rivulet, looking for any shadow that might indicate a desirable prey. 

After some time we returned to our food and drink and conversation, not knowing if our avian friend had been able to appease its pangs. Unlike the heron, most of us do not have to search for our food like our distant ancestors in the days of the hunter/gatherer. But, even in such a wealthy country as ours, not to mention chronically deprived nations like Haiti and Sudan, too many face hunger everyday dependent on the good will and kindness of others for their meals.

As  we approach the Christmas season, let's be thankful for our bounty and share our goods with those in need.

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