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Election Follies

Posted on September 1, 2016 at 3:00 PM

With barely two months left before the election of the next president of the USA, we seem to be mired in a quagmire of ad hominem insults and unsubstantiated innuendos  rather than serious campaigns that deal with the important issues facing  our country and that offer cogent policies to address our problems. 

Whether Democrat or Republican, one should be incensed that the candidates from both major parties refuse to articulate clearly their positions and solutions without vacillating to please the audience at hand. Our presidential candidates cannot just be against everything championed by the opposition; to govern they must be for something and only when the elctorate knows what that something is can it make an intelligent choice at the ballot box.

Our country's friends and allies must think they are watching some kind of tragic comedy as they try to understand the 2016 election.  On the one hand, the Republican candidate has verbally berated Mexicans, Muslims, women, handicapped, journalists, immigrants, other Republicans, to name a few of the targets of his vitriolic attacks,  and has based his entire campaign on appealing to the baser fears and prejudices of a disaffected populace. The Democrat, on the other hand, has not projected the trust that Americans so want to see in a candidate, due in no small part to her lack of transparency in many of her prior endeavors and actions. 

It appears that we will be going to mark our ballots for the one that seems to be the lesser of two evils, not the one we enthusiatically support. It is sad that our process did not produce someone that takes us eagerly to the polls.  A great country like our should produce more bradly acceptable candidates for the most powerful office in the world.

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