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February 15, 2018

The sea in Grenada, our latest destination, shimmers a unique bio-luminescent green that seems somewhat surreal.

Local fishermen ply the waters near the beach with  nets to capture small fish for sale in the local markets while spearfishing snorkelers search for larger prey in deeper waters. 

The venomous and invasive lion fish has been turned into a delicious entrée by local chefs.  The firm, white fillets are pan-fried and make a wonderful meal.

October 10, 2017

While in Ireland, we stayed at the Mount Juliet Estate Hotel that offered a number of activities including fly fishing. As you might have expected, I opted to try my luck at pursuing wily trout and salmon. Our guide Tom drove me and the only other fishing enthusiast, Mark, to a private lake stocked with rod-challenging rainbows. A local sport,accompanied by a handsome and playfully curious black lab, landed  several beauts before we even got a hit, I soon hooked a monster on a wet fly.  I played the fish for a while until it decided it had enough of my fly and proceeded to swim into a weed bed where it threw the fly.  

After our lake experience, we walked over to a nearby river in search of salmon. Unfortunately the river, fed by recent rains,  flowed too fast and its level was too high to allow decent drifts so we returned to the lake.  As we had had a tiring morning  of touring, I returned to the hotel.  As luck would have it, Mark landed several lovely rainbows after my departure.

Although my fishing adventure proved to be less than fruitful, it was, nevertheless, experience. Now I can add Ireland to my list of 

fishing venues.

June 13. 2017

This week, I finally went fishing for the first time this season! Between the high waters due to the persistent spring rains and my nursing  my bum knee, my initial foray was very late this year.  To my dismay, the trout were not very cooperative–I was skunked both on the Mousam River and Horne Pond. Better luck next time, I hope.

March 30, 2017

Although I saw plenty of fish and sea creatures in the US Virgin Islands (see the pictures on the Writer page),I never wet a line. Maybe on my next visit, I will spend some time in pursuit of fishy creatures in the wild not in aquariums.

February 8, 2017

My fishing equipment is comfortably ensconced in its winter niche with no desire to brave the elements and try winter pursuit of finny prey. So adieu until spring brings fairer weather.

November 9, 2016

The closest I have been to fish since storing my gear for the winter is enjoying tasty seafood in Spain, everything from octopus and squid to hake and sea bass.  The preparation of products of the sea   varies tremendously from region to region so that the same fish can taste very differently if one is in Catalonia, Andalusia,or Galicia.  Grilled turbot lightly drizzled with seasoned olive oil, paté made with octopus, baked filet of croaker fideua–not the typical fare found in Maine restaurants but quite tasty nonetheless.


September 1, 2016

The freshwater season for trout was not particularly productive given the drought-impacted rivers and streams here in southern Maine.  I have not been out on the local waters since early July. 

While the saltwater fishermen have been boasting that the stripers have been very active this season, I must confess that I have yet to toss a fly down by Parsons beach.  It has been just too hot for my liking. At my age, I refuse to get up at 4 am in pursuit of stripers and blues when the conditions are more favorable.  

June 7, 2016

On two different occasions last week, I picked up my trusted 5-weight Sage and I returned to one of my favorite fishing locales, the Mousam River where it flows out of the lake.

On the first trip, I spent most of my time below the bridge, watching a pair of Canada geese with their 4 downy goslings. While the parents were very attentive, the youngsters were bobbing up and down like corks as they frolicked in the calm water. Although trout were rising, none seem to want my offerings so I moved up to the dam to fish the sluice way. My luck improved noticeably on this side of the bridge–within half an hour or so I landed and released 5 brightly colored brookies, each measuring 10 to 12 inches. Not bad for my first day on the river!

My next trip was not quite as fruitful. I again watched the geese and goslings, swimming and splashing away before going up to the dam area.  I only caught 1 trout but its colors were exceptional. Just another good day on the Mousam.

February 27, 2016

The closest I came to fish while in Key West recently-in an aquarium! There were several denizens of the deep that fortunately we do not see here in Maine waters including the notorious lionfish that is destroying indigenous species

March 28, 2015

Nothing to report on the fishing side...yet. Hopefully the fish are getting ready for some action.

     As we old-time fishermen continue to age, we are pleased to see young people take up our favorite pastime that will bring a lifetime of pleasure.  So when we celebrated my grandson's 3rd birthday last weekend, I was very happy to see that he received as a gift his first fishing gear from his uncle, aunt and cousins that live in Utah.

He was particularly excited with his fishing vest.

February 18, 2015

     The fly fishing catalogs are arriving almost daily, the days are getting longer, cabin fever engendered by 10' snowbanks has set in, can spring be far behind? I have no doubt that most waters will not be accessible on  April 1, the historic opening day of fishing season although many fishing holes are now open year round.  I believe that I will not venture forth into rivers and ponds until at least the middle of May.  Old age has tempered my desire to go wading in 35º waters.  I'll wait until I can comfortably hold my rod and strip my line without subjecting my hands to frostbite before I dig out my equipment and head for the headwaters of the Mousam River in search of browns and brookies.

July 19, 2014

     Well, the rivers and streams are now too warm for trout here in southern Maine so I have  replaced my fresh water gear with saltwater gear to pursue stripers and blues.  The productivity of the saltwater fishery varies with the different fishermen that volunteer information: some say its great, others indicate its a lousy season.  I guess I'll just have to gauge for myself when I toss my first deceiver or clouser.  

June 2, 2014

     Despite the rainy, cold spring I have managed a couple of trout fishing outings in the last couple of weeks.  But, there are no photos of spectacular brookies or colorful browns as my lucky touch seems to have abandon me.  My fishing buddy, Ken, on the other hand, landed a respectable brown on the Mousam River, just yesterday.  In my own defense, I did get several takes but hooked nothing.  Next time will be better!

January 8, 2014

     Although the Mousam River hosted a fly fishing derby last Sunday, it proved just a wee bit to cold for this fair weather fisherman to attend.  From the pictures that graced the pages of our local paper, I am happy with my decision to stay on the couch and watch football.

     Only about 12 weeks before the beginning of the  open water season but it is hard to think spring when the thermometer hovers near zero during the day.  Alas, this too shall pass!

June 6, 2013

     As noted on The Writer page, the trout fishing has been tremendous. The week before last I went out 4 times and I landed about 30 fish in total; all were released, of course. Most to the action occurred on the Great Works River in North Berwick that holds both brookies and browns. It seems that something is hatching constantly as trout are rising all day long. 


     Both the Merriland and Mousam Rivers have also proved quite productive.  And the stripers have returned to Parsons Beach in great numbers although I have not fished this spot yet.  My only striper outing took place on the Saco River. Unfortunately the fish were not very cooperative-my buddy and I GOT SKUNKED!

April 13, 2013

     This weekend I intend to check my gear and load it in my trunk so that I will be ready to cast a fly should the weather improve.  This year I finally discovered the only advantage of growing old: at age 70 one can procure a lifetime license for only $8 with no need to renew annually.  Now that's a real bargain but I think I'd rather have some of my youth back given the choice.

January 10, 2013

     Ah, it is the beginning of that wonderful season again,  when the hope of an early spring supplants the drudgery of is fishing catalog season!  Just like the return of the birds to Capistrano, the much anticipated first-o-the-year L.L. Bean and Orvis catalogs appeared in my mailbox last week. Now I can spend hours perusing these enticing  offerings of new toys that I "must have" for any hope of attracting wily piscatorial prey. Why last year's gear simply will not do to lure this year's trout, will it?

    I have to go now, a catalog is calling me!


August 28, 2012

       Fresh water fishing has come to an end for this season as the local waters are too warm.  Usually by mid July or so, I have taken my saltwater gear down to Parsons Beach in search of stripers and blues, but not this year. I have been too busy enjoying my grandkids. There is always September...or next year.  

Its been a great month for fishing even though my fish landings have been less than I would like.

May 28, 2012

      For the last few weeks, I have abandoned my gym visits in favor of fishing for trout on the Mousam, Little, and Great Works Rivers.

      In my opinion, May is a spectacular month for fly fishing here in southern Maine.  Not only are the conditions  optimal (warm days, cool waters, frequent hatches) but the scenery on these particular waterways easily makes up for slow days when the trout are weary or not particularly hungry. 

     The Mousam is a broad, long river that meanders through several towns on its way to the ocean at Parsons Beach in Kennebunk.  Brookies and browns abound in its upper reaches  while stripers and blues populate its tidal waters down by the mouth.  The Little River as its name implies is a minuscule, coffee-colored rivulet, with shallow holding pools and numerous riffles. Although the browns and brookies tend to be smallish here, for what they lack in size they make up in feistiness. The Great Works sports large wide classic pools where the trout seem to rise endlessly, usually for some insect that none of my flies can imitate successfully enough to attract the abundant trout that patrol this river.

    Its been a great month for fishing even though my fish landings have been less than I would like.

April 17, 2012

   Yes I finally made it out to the Mousam to toss a few flies.  Yesterday proved to be a spectacular day weather wise but not so good "fishwise".   Despite the presence of visible trout in the unseasonably shallow waters, they were not interested in any feathery offerings that I could provide.  I never raised a single fish to my flies. Not one! The only consolation is that the wormers were not faring any better.  

      My first outing last week was also a dud. Again the  quarry proved smarter than the pursuer.  But, the season is still young; no time to panic, yet...just like the Red Sox!


March 25, 2012

     As the mercury topped 80º last week, my thoughts turned to fishing. I did manage to buy my license but my equipment still resides peacefully in its winter storage. Should the weather continue to hover above seasonal norms in the next  week or so, the beginning of the open season on streams and rivers, April 1st, should be particularly productive.  Who knows I may even venture out on opening day, something I have not done in recent years.

November 26, 2011

      The closest I have come to fishing of late is to drive down to Parsons Beach and enjoy the sunrise before heading off to breakfast at the Maine Diner. So until winter gives way to springtime warmth enjoy the pictures below of daybreak  along the waters.



August 8, 2011

The spring and early summer trout fishing proved rather productive, despite the hot days and low water conditions on the Mousam River.  The browns were particularly active and feisty, hitting Humpies and March Browns. After breaking the tip section of my favorite 5 wt. (fortunately it was a Sage rod with a lifetime guarantee), I decided that it was time to switch to saltwater and pursue stripers at Parson's Beach.  Just like last year, I have not had any success but I have only been out a few times.  Maybe I'll have better luck in the next few weeks.  For a fisherman, hopes springs eternal!  

  Ready for July Stripers At Parson's Beach

April 5. 2011


Nothing to report on the fishing front.  I have yet to purchase my license for 2011. I must get that done shortly... right after I finish my tax returns.

We have  enjoyed the visit of wild game to our backyard on the last two Sunday evenings, around dusk.  Our cat Alfie is the one that notified us of their arrival.  Perhaps he thought they were big dogs. Enjoy the pictures of these backyard denizens, below.

By the way, this is Alfie, our handsome cat that alerted us of the arrival of these "big dogs".

January 24, 2011


The only fish I saw on our western adventure were those whose skeletons were imprinted on ancient rock formations or whose fossils hung at the dinosaur museum outside of Salt Lake City. I doubt very much that these particular fish would have risen to a fly.

September 22, 2010

As noted above, very little time has been spent on the water since our return from Kennebago in June.  If I recall correctly, I only hit the surf twice in search of stripers ? with no luck, I might add. My only consolation is that the salt water fishing was again poor this summer, according to my angler friends. Maybe I did not miss much action after all.

June 30, 2010

Our annual fishing trip to Kennebago, from June 4th to 11th,  seems but a distant memory. The conditions proved less than ideal?high winds and downpours limited the fishing to the river.  And the river swollen from all the rain ran  fast and furious. Because of the cool temperatures, no bugs were hatching.  So the fishing was not particularly good.  But next year will be better!  Hope springs eternal!

Kennebago Middle Dam?Rushing Waters

May 13, 2010

     The Mousam River is particularly productive this year.  Yesterday I landed and released 7 or 8 fish including the largest brown I ever caught, a 19 or 20 inch beauty in vivid colors.  Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me to record this prized catch so you will just have to take my word for it.

     Today was another fruitful day on the Mousam: 11 browns and 2 brookies?lucky 13! Today, however, I did have my camera to record a fine 15 to 16 inch brown! Not a bad fish, right?


April 14, 2010

     First trip out this morning!  Caught and released a 12" brookie on small streamer and got several other hits, on Mousam River below the outlet dam of the lake.   It felt good to try out the aching shoulder that kept me away from fishing most of last season and to come away pain free. 

March 10, 2010

     Time to get my fishing license!  April 1st begins the open water season.  This year the regulations change to allow year round fishing in most lakes and ponds in the southern region of the State while the northern sector will still have an open water season commencing on April 1st.  I just hope that this added pressure does not destroy a fishery that is still not robust. 

January 10, 2010

      Waiting for spring and the beginning of the open water season seems just as long as waiting for galley proofs. For a fly fisherman, the only good thing about winter is the arrival of the fly fishing catalogs, sure harbingers of spring.  The January fly fishing show in Marlborough MA is another welcomed precursor of the fishing season just around the corner... after the cold of January, the snows of February, the mud of March!

    Lest we forget what winter looks like, here is a picture of my backyard, taken through our slider last week.

     Spring is just around the corner?

 It's hard to remember the flowers of September.

November 15, 2009

     All is quiet on the fishing front!  Rods, reels, flies, waders  have all been tucked away for the winter.  Although some hardy fishermen do ply  the rivers  of southern Maine  for equally hardy trout   even during the coldest months, I am not one of those fanatic souls.  I will gladly wait until the tilt of the earth once again brings us warmth before donning my fishing attire. This fisherman is in hibernation until spring!

September 21, 2009

     While in St. Andrews, we took a whale watching trip aboard the sailboat, Jolly Breeze, owned and operated by Captain Rob Carney and his pleasant wife Joanne. What a truly unique and marvelous experience!  The tropical storms of late summer pushed tons of feed into this section of the Bay of Fundy providing  an abundant  feast  for  the whales  before they head south for the winter.  These leviathans measured over 70' and weighed  over 70 tons! One particular finback came so close to the boat that I could see its eyeball as it raced through the waters, filling its baleens with krill, plankton,and herring.  How many whales did we see?  There were too many to count but I would estimate over 50! As an added bonus, on the return to port,  Joanne offered us some home-made pea soup...umh, umh, good, real good!

     While we were waiting for a ferry for our return trip from Campobello,  a traveler from Connecticut took out a spinning rod from the back of his vehicle, toss out a large spoon and landed a decent size mackerel on his first cast.  Shortly thereafter a hungry seal arrived on the scene and that was the end of the spin-caster's luck.

    Enjoy the picture of the finback whale below even though it is not possible to gauge the size of this wonderful mammal since only part of the dorsal fin is visible.

August 7, 2009

     Although most of my free time since returning from our Kennebago trip has been spent on wedding preparations and nursing a sore shoulder, I did manage a couple of striper fishing outings  on the Mousam River at Parson's Beach. Both trips, however, proved  unfruitful.  On my last outing, just as I was leaving the beach, an acquaintance arrived, tossed his baited hook and landed a 28" on his first cast!  Some people have all the friend would argue that it is a matter of skill not luck.

June 12, 2009

    Our annual fishing trip to Grant's Camps on Kennebago is now history for this year.  The weather was less than cooperative, cold and windy.  For the first time in 18 years we were not able to fish the lake due to whitecaps but I did manage to catch and release some feisty salmon on the river. One of the elder statesman of Grant's,  Dr.Robert Silverman who was enjoying his 54th consecutive year at the lodge, caught a lovely 51/2 lbs. brown during our stay. Good show, Doc!

    The photos below attest to the beauty of the Kennebago region and explain why I am always anxious to return no matter what the meteorological conditions.    

 Mountain Sunset 

                                                           John Pond Pool on Kennebago River


Ruby-throated hummingbird at feeder

Calm morning before the winds arrived

May 26. 2009

     Although my fishing season debuted only 2 weeks ago, so far it has proven quite productive.  Last Wednesday, while visiting my favorite spot on the Mousam River, I caught?and released?a 16" brown trout on a #16 Adams dry.  A truly spectacular fish that put up quite a fight in the swift current below the dam! Salmo trutta despite being an introduced species here in Maine does well in our waters; some might argue too well since it can tolerate warmer waters than our native brookie and tends to grow larger than our square tail.  Nevertheless, the brown trout is a worthy adversary for the fly fisherman.

      On June 5, I am off to Grant's Camps on Kennebago Lake for my annual fishing trip. It can't come soon enough.  I'll keep you posted on my successes. 

March 30, 2009

      Today I purchased my 2009 fishing license, just in time for the start of the season on April 1! Somehow it seems appropriate that the season should start on April Fool's Day?many fishing fools will brave the elements to tempt  just as foolish fish. 

     There is something about the beginning of a new fishing season that makes one forget the minor vicissitudes of life like the economic downturn, the stock market debacle, the auto industry crisis, the credit freeze and signal that better times are coming. Or at least that is what optimist like me want to believe.

    While some people's thoughts turn to gardens and flowers, beaches and swimming, here is what I dream about at this time of year... 


Eric Engbretson/USFWS  Public domain image


 October 29, 2008

     Although I did not wet a line while in Hawaii, the ever-present sea did make me long to cast a fly. While on a copter above the Napali coast, we were told by the pilot that the body of water we were over-flying was a pond used to raise 'bows-something that I did not expect to find on Kauai, the Garden Island of Hawaii.

     Though the pictures below have almost nothing in common with fishing, I, nevertheless, thought you might enjoy them.


Black swans with kois at Grand Hyatt Hotel


Wailua Falls of Fantasy Island fame


Dawn over the Pacific   


September 28. 2008

    That sad time of year has arrived again: time to store my fishing accoutrement until Winter dissolves into the promise of Spring! Last weekend, the memories of another successful angling season were also stuffed away in the recesses of my mind, to be reviewed again and again on the darkest days?brookies resplendent in blue and red speckles, voracious salmon striking with abandon at a bunch of feathers, feasting loons calling to mates and offsprings...

      But for all its impending gloom, this season does go out in a blaze of glory, as can attest our garden shown below.


September 17, 2008

    Although the rods and reels and other fishing accessories quietly wait in the trunk for another opportunity to prove themselves, it looks like they will have to wait 'til next year.  I am now strictly a warm weather fisherman.  Now that fall is in the air, my desire to stand in cold water has evaporated.   But, come spring...

August 23, 2008

    The closest I came to fishing in the last few weeks was to teach my grand kids how to cast their spinning rods on the front lawn.  Somehow during these practice sessions, grand son Grady managed to lose his hook?less Al's Goldfish spoon in the stone "stream" of our oriental garden. And we caught no fish in the process! 

    Grady and Grammy Mariette on Cape Porpoise Pier.  Check out that wrinkled nose on the all-American boy! 

    Incidentally my salt water rod is back, appropriately repaired, and ready for some stripers. 

July 23, 2008

    As the freshwater temperatures warmed to summer levels, I  traded my trout rod for my saltwater rod in pursuit of stripers.  But the Fates have not been with me?I have yet to land a bass and, to add insult to injury, I broke an eyelet on my rod while taking it apart last week.  Now I am not so patiently  waiting for L.L.Bean to complete the necessary repairs so that I can resume my quest for those elusive stripers.

June 17, 2008

    Last week was our annual fishing trip to Grant's Camps on Kennebago Lake in the western mountains of Maine.  The weather, to say the least, proved unseasonably warm?the thermometer registered over 90º on three separate days, something we have never seen in the 15 plus years that we have been going to the Rangeley area! Despite the heat the fishing was productive it somewhat spotty. Following the fire on Tuesday evening?yup, lightning started a fire in one of the cabins during the most spectacular thunderstorm that I have ever seen?I landed a fat, 17 inch brookie right off the dock.  I also caught and released a similarly sized salmon on the river on one of those 90º days.

Old stump at Parson's Beach